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Our pricing perspective

During the times of industrial revolution, a degree that granteed that you had a specific skill is what got you a job. Today, in the age of automation, we think degrees are getting increasingly worthless. Increasingly the people who succeed are the ones who are continious learners, the ones who invests in themselves. We also think, in the coming ages, when automation is the norm, it would be important for almost everyone to own a business.

We believe that, with Highlyreco you are investing in your own personal growth. We set the price at a level that allows us to stay financially healthy as a team and stay focused on the product.

No ads

There are multiple reasons why we hate ads:

We at highlyreco dont like being sold things. We like to be in control and buy things. Thats the whole reason why we build Highlyreco, so that we can find the best recommended stuff. Informational ads are fine, but that is not what we see when we pause ad-blockers.
If you are not paying for it, then you are the product. Products that are free live on advertisements. Advertisement is the concept of selling your privacy.
Most ad based products are designed to keep you dumb and clicking.

We dont like the any of the above. We dont want this for our customers either.

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