Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
by Carol Dweck
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James Altucher's Review:

This book belong to a list top ten books to expand your brain by James Altucher

Again, I am fascinated by the field of mastery.

Not self-improvement (eat well, sleep well, etc) but on how can you continue a path of improvement so that you can really enjoy the subtleties at a very deep level of whatever it is you love.

Carol Dweck, through massive research and storytelling, shows the reader how to continue on the path of improvement and why so many people fall off that path.

These are not books I’m picking so I can look smart. These are books that I’ve read that have made me smarter.

Ref: http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2015/09/books-brain-expand/

Bill Gates's Review:

This book first came to my attention a few years ago during an invention session on education with my friend Nathan Myrhvold. It’s been an important influence on the foundation’s education work. Through clever research studies and engaging writing, Dweck illuminates how our beliefs about our capabilities exert tremendous influence on how we learn and which paths we take in life. The value of this book extends way beyond the world of education. It’s just as relevant for businesspeople who want to cultivate talent and for parents who want to raise their kids to thrive on challenge.

Ref: https://www.gatesnotes.com/About-Bill-Gates/Best-Books-2015

Daniel Pink's Review:

One of the most important books a parent can read. Seriously. Get it now.

Ref: http://ideas.ted.com/7-must-read-books-on-work-and-productivity-from-dan-pink/