In The Plex
by Steven Levy
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Charlie Munger's Review:

This book is no surprise to those who follow Munger closely. He loves learning about engineering cultures


Danielle Morrill's Review:

During a TechRepublic interviewearlier this year, Morrill was asked about the best thing she’d read recently. Here’s what she said:

“There’s a great book about Google called In the Plex. I have this weird hole in my memory because in 2004, when Google went public, I was one year out of high school. So, all of the Google story happened while I was too young to be aware of the company in any meaningful way. I was really curious what the early days of that company were like because we’re building a different flavor of search engine, but we’re building stuff with similar problems and we’re having a lot of challenges.

I was asking around and someone recommended this book; one of the best things about it is that it really covered, in detail, the first 18 months of the company’s life. I think, frankly, it’s very relatable. You read it and this company becomes so human to you. As a founder, it’s really inspiring.”