Envisioning Information
by Edward R. Tufte
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Bret Victor's Review:

This is my five-star list. This  are my favorite things in all the world. A few of the works have had an extraordinary effect on my life or way of thinking. They get a sixth star. 

Ref: http://worrydream.com/#!/Links

Jeff Atwood's Review:

Information is beautiful. And so is a well-designed GUI.

You don't need to own all four books in the series unless you're a completist (or a masochist, I suppose), but the first two are essential.

Chris Sells has some interesting insight on the Tufte books based on a Tufte seminar he attended in June 2004.

Ref: https://blog.codinghorror.com/recommended-reading-for-developers/

Bret Victor's Review:

Recommended on Github. Under the heading :Graphic Design, Information Design

‘[These are] the bibles of information design. Nothing comparable exits.’

  • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information – Edward R. Tufte
  • Envisioning Information – Edward R. Tufte
  • Beautiful Evidence – Edward R. Tufte

Ref: https://gist.github.com/nickloewen/10565777