Database of recommendations from domain experts

Highlyreco for consumers

# helps you figure out if "it" is worth your time

Is this book worth your time? Is this podcast worth your time? Is this conference video worth your time?

A database of recommendations from people that you respect can help you figure that out. It can help you make accurate and fast decisions to choose to do something.

Highlyreco for learners

# focus topic based feeds to maximize your learning

If you consider yourself as a life long learner, this is for you. Tracks on highlyreco is a feature where you get a stream of recommendations on a specific topic. Because you get a very focused feed, you get to learn without getting distracted.

Highlyreco for creators

# Everything that you recommend in one place!

Where should someone go to find all your recommendations? Do you feel that your recommendations are spread out on various platforms? If so, this is for you.

At highlyreco, you can write a review about anything. You can write a review about a book, podcast, blog, restaurant, tourist destination, hotel anything… Your recommendation’s page is not about the object, its about you, your tastes and your world view. Share your recommendations with the world and build a following.